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Update May

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M8Y is Under Test
What are we waiting for?

We are finished (albeit testing & refinement continues). So why are we not live? Answer - we intended to use the relative success of our partners www.Yellings.com to drive potential commentators toward us but Yellings has suffered a catastrophic visitor drop through repeated attacks by google (try googling yellings, then try the same search on Bing - the difference is total) and despondency (we feel your pain). Yellings report a 90% downswing and loss of donations (their only funding model as they collate evidence of election fraud). The fact is we at M8Y would be foolish to launch now and risk getting a handful of posts a day.

So we are awaiting the right moment and perhaps some ad funding. - perhaps a scoop, support from a celeb .. who knows! We started an investment drive at very bottom of this page which we have since stopped promoting as interest was moot. 

Other issues include the rise of telegram(albeit reports of rude and heavy handed moderation are gathering) and the return of Parler(albeit functionally a mere shadow of it's former self -- banning people like Milo here, not accepting desktop web logins and not telling you they can't -- endlessly filling out forms that don't work). So we watch and play with these platforms and look to ways we can make the user experience on our platform compete. Meanwhile, Telegram gets worse..
..It seems you can advertise MSM or anyone else's website except your own. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!

What We Offer over and above others..
  • A focus on Conservatism (not just free speech) for the sharing of information towards a peaceful resolution of the illegitimate USA 2020 election results and rampant corruption, building a secure, peaceful, free future!
  • A focus on anonymity.
    • All you normally need is your email address (obviously not published). For those from the military or similar, we are working on means of you being validated without even that.
    • We are inherently encrypted via the HTTPS route.
    • We do not require personal information like a phone number, address, payment details, nor do we store your password on our servers
    • This means if we are hacked, you are safe! Your email is stored for a few days, then that too is locked away off the servers.
  • A more personal experience, aimed at everyone, not just celebs
    • We know Celebs do not have time to read all your posts and replies, so we will run regular polls and we will reward those that can and do interact.
  • Usually instant publishing (not hours after moderation like Brighteon, Bitchute)
  • We will NOT Ban anyone except as we have to under law, or where there is truly egregious conduct.
    • The heavy handed behavior of MST (Main Stream Tech) is a like a landlord changing the locks because he didn't like what you put in your window.
    • People rely on their information channels but Youtube and Twitter act with anti-trust malice by locking people out of their own channels.
    • Unlike them, we respect your custom.
  • We do not Shadow Ban by policy.
    • We know how annoying it is to compose an excellent post only to find no one is interacting, then to refresh on a different browser and/or VPN and find our comment does not exist.
    • We also know that sick porn or other material flooding a site, as seems to be the current blight with Telegram, makes it very hard to Not Ban, Not take personal details, and Not Shadow Ban.
    • However, we have years of success (in an industry we will not disclose here) creating great user experience (our information channels were once the most viewed in the UK -- something we can only prove under NDA) so we are confident we will find a happy median.
  • We are working towards zero tracking. That's difficult when embedding tweets and videos is common and desirable.
    • This is so you can be increasingly reassured the tentacles of big tech cannot seriously impact you. Eg: When Twitter bans you, you can't even look at tweets others send you. Just remember, if Google bans you like that, you're sent back to the stone age. No maps, no email, no youtube, locked out of photos, and likely no phone. We know that not only is that unthinkable, but it also intimidates people into silence and we're going to fight that.
  • We have created unique algorithms that promise a fairer distribution of screen time -- unlike Telegram, where it seems the only person who views your post is you, or Gab where it seems you have no idea where your post is seen, or Twitter that .. well, tracks you, erases you, reports you, and you still get zero likes.
  • We now have a "deplatform - proof" system that can be reconstructed almost overnight, even if we we have to change technology.
  • We will never deliberately erase your data (bulky media excluded).
  • We have AI moderation (as well as asking you to help). This is essential due to Psy Op attacks. This may be frustrating at times, but please understand the tightrope we walk.
  • We are not for free speech -- we just kick Lefty's off.🤣 Slight exaggeration..(we might let them stay if they are entertaining).

  1.  🔜 - M8Y Chat Post Site 🗫
      1. Coming Soon - Update 18th Feb
      2. Overview
      3. YOUR Constitution (M8Y Rules)
        1. We are NOT Bipartisan, we are Moderate Conservative.
      4. As moderates, we tolerate Left of center views if they are not inflammatory.
  2. Terms
    1. Ready?
      1. Small Print
        1. Tip:
        2. Cookies and Disclaimer:
        3. Security:
        4. About Yellings.com and M8Y.com, the legally important small print:


Soon to be a ticker tape📜 comment posting site for Moderate Conservative Friends👥 to allow you to interact with your "mates" (friends) - hence www.M8Y.com (Matey).

Mobile-Friendly  -- Just type m8y.com into your phone browser (we don't use Apps -- the far left have that locked down). We integrate with our sister site, www.YELLINGS.com 📢 for news content and give you the opportunity to comment on news, or anything related, here.
M8y is reactively moderated (your mates will moderate you as you moderate them) and is protected from the far left extremism of silicon valley by two means..
    1. Our servers are in the UK (but we swear allegiance to the US constitution as it stands).
    2. Your comments can only be seen by people you declare as your "mates" or friends.
    3. Use Opera
As such, your conversations are private among those who you trust and have declared to be your friends. That said, we must be law abiding and god fearing. The term "respect the rule of law" has been irretrievably made untenable by fantastically biased judgements and denials of justice occurring in the USA, but we remain law abiding.

YOUR Constitution (M8Y Rules)

You own your post (under Creative Commons rules meaning others can use it but must attribute you)!
  1. Be Polite! Act and Post with the Christian Values that our nations USA & UK are founded on. Please let that always be our guiding light and moral compass
  2. Stay On Topic please. Again, this is to guide you if you are unsure about content you intend to post. - the topics here are currently..
    • conservatism -- the dangers of leftism, prejudice, class, communism v capitalism
    • freedom & justice -- fair elections, the US constitution, alternate justice resources
    • resistance -- welfare, alternate social & security resources
  3. Post No offensive content, No illegal content, No abuse towards minorities (eg: Antisemitism)
  4. Post No Threats (legal or implied). We have changed -- you can post images of Guns and Weapons provided it is clearly about defense, and not incitement
  5. Post Nothing that could be interpreted as inciting violence (that's a quick way to shut us down). Even "rise up" can be misconstrued.
  6. Please post no ghoul, gore, nudity(porn etc), salacious, demeaning or accusatory material(eg: "Mrs .. is a man", "Muslims beat...")
    1. We ask this because we are not big enough to defend ourselves yet. In future, we may be able to allow some under an adult setting
  7. No swearing please! (except mild swear words). Please be aware that search engines may blacklist us simply over that
  8. We have zero tolerance to any form of bullying or trolling. Replies may be hidden if you call people names or are impolite
  9. Please be extra careful if you are posting from a hard left country such as China or America[?] - we sadly cannot protect your freedom of speech
  10. Please do not post adverts except links to stories and sites that promote Conservatism and our other values
  11. Please do not post fake news, wild claims or falsehoods. If you have news, you must provide a link to it's source. Vague links are OK as long as there is something.
  12. Do not post uncorroborated evidence (eg: x is a paedo) unless you add "allegedly" or "I / we think" or some other means of disclaimer. (Posting a link to the source of the evidence of course corroborates it). Please note that you own and are responsible for your content, but regardless, uncorroborated evidence and news may bring down M8Y.
  13. Do not promote Far Left views. We are not Bipartisan (see below). If Big Tech can ban conservative views, we can play that game too.
  14. Please try to "go easy" on Conspiracy Theory. It won't get you banned, but it does bring us into disrepute and some may be seen as incitement to civil unrest
  15. Please do not over-moderate your mates, and as always, be friendly!🕊
All of our mates are moderators. Some can earn special privileges to modify content (only as necessary to make it acceptable)  If you see something wrong, please click Report and list one or two of the above rules that were broken.

We know from our time on Parler that actually conservatives are "well behaved" and naturally polite. We thank you for continuing that trend.

However, as with Parler, we reserve the right to prohibit bad-actors and / or to edit your post so it fits our rules. We will try and give a warning, but be advised we cannot interact (debate with you) as such conversations are usually heated and difficult for our staff to undertake (not to mention we are very busy).

We are NOT Bipartisan, we are Moderate Conservative.

  • We consider that far left extremist talk presents a great danger to the citizens of America and the West by their encroachment on civil liberties, their blatant abuse of the legal system (we believe in the rule of law, not some perverse version where judges can say they refuse to give standing to legal challenges).
  • We consider that left leaning talk enables the extremists, and is often psychologically damaging or gaslighting, so anyone clearly attempting to pervert Moderate Conservatism will not be considered to be a friend, and may be prohibited from the site, just as Conservatives are being removed by far left Big Tech.
  • Our zero tolerance for the far left will cease when Trump and his 75m+ voter supporters are paid reparations by far left big tech over the loss of Parler. We have applied to the Court of Logic (soon to be coming to Yellings) to enforce a 1 trillion dollar payout to be evenly distributed among Parler users and Parler itself.

As moderates, we tolerate Left of center views if they are not inflammatory.

For example..
  • Whilst being capitalists, we are sympathetic to Welfare and we dislike homelessness and poverty.
  • We like law and order but we don't like heavy handedness and the large percentage of our population being in jail.
  • We dislike drugs, but we tolerate that which USA law tolerates.
  • We promote religious freedom (except violent and oppressive ones) but we also tolerate atheism that is not aggressive.
  • We allow for discussion of cultural differences but we detest racism. Disliking an oppressive religion is not racism
  • We think excessive immigration should be curtailed but we love multiculturalism and all our peace loving brothers and sisters.
  • We think protecting oneself is a constitutional right and protecting the constitution is a duty but we agree this should be done with dignity, safety, care and peace.

If you think you fit, sign up!


When you first join, you will be asked for your email address and you may be asked to confirm from a multiple choice, your nearest city or area. For everyone's safety, we may compare that against a GeoLocation database. We keep your IP address whenever you post (IP addresses change and cannot identify you, but can be used forensically to narrow down illegal activity -- please know this is true of every internet service provider and website on the internet). You may occasionally be asked to verify your email address.


  1. If you make a statement or image that is original, there is no need to state a copyright - you own the copyright, but:
    • you do give us permission to reproduce your post elsewhere as long as we abide by the rules of attribution (your username & post number) as according to Creative Commons.
    • Likewise, you give others the right to reproduce your post as long as they abide by the same rules of attribution.
  2. If you copy a statement or image that is copyrighted, you must include a link back to the originator.
    • To avoid copyright claims against us, we avoid monetizing our site - that way we are not benefiting from the copyrighted work. Hence we rely on Donations.
  3. You agree to post lawfully and you agree to abide by the rules.
    • Remember, it is Your Post, not ours - you are responsible for the content of your post.
    • Your account details must abide by the same rules. 
  4. The fine print:
    1. All original and/or non-cited material in m8y.com website is either conjecture, opinion, observation or allegation, and is copyright ฉ m8y.com 2020 unless it is posted by one of our friends, in which case it is owned by them. For the avoidance of doubt, publication or copying outside the friendship of m8y.com renders a post to be assumed fictional and should neither be used as a source, nor assumed to be accurate.
    2. Our citing (linking to) another information source is not an endorsement. Use everything you see or read on m8y.com at your own risk. The description of "Evidence" herein does not constitute legal evidence, but merely observation for further investigation.
    3. Where material is cited/linked, the copyright is owned by the linked origin or as shown in adjacent links. We can not vouch for the integrity of external sources.
    4. We hold no information about you unless you have supplied us with your email address. We do not share or publish email addresses.
    5. We use cookies to improve your user experience and to make ourselves visible in searches. The division m8y.com is the site owner and publisher and copyright holder of everything but Your posts. The incorporated entity that owns this division is the registered owner of the domain name "m8y.com" and can be contacted through the contact menu.
    6. All here is subject to change without notice. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  5. Please also read the Small Print below.  Our terms are copyright.


Do you swear to uphold our Constitution here?
Yes - Then you're In!

Sign Up Here! (You can sign up now but only post - as soon as we are ready).

Or become a stakeholder via donation -- that is the Best way to get an approved account! See Investment Opportunity at very end of this page.

Small Print


  • We do not provide this as an App due to the far left deplatforming extremism behavior of Apple and Google Android, but the web page behaves as an app. Simply keep it open in your desktop or phone browser. This is more secure and less memory consuming for you as well. Did you know? You should know that the commonplace use of App Downloading is a rampant invasion of your privacy and that they are little more than glorified links to a website that persist on your mobile phone "desktop". Obviously such vendors add functionality to entice you, but generally, most functionality is available to a web app as well -- if you authorize it. Apps generally require authorization for some functionality, but they can circumvent most security and logging precautions such as cookie permissions.

Cookies and Disclaimer:

  • We hold no data about you except your encrypted and hashed user name and email where applicable. Use of this site, or the information given within, is entirely at your own risk.
  • You are responsible for the lawful and peaceful interpretation of all material and comments herein.
  • We use cookies for session information to aid your user experience. Whilst we do not track you through cookies, nor share for that purpose, because we allow images from third party sites, please be aware they may set cookies and track you. We cannot control that. If this concerns you, your best defense is to consider using a Non-Google, Non-Microsoft, and Non-Safari based browser such as Brave.
  • Where applicable, we neither use your email for notifications nor promotions, but we may occasionally ask you to reconfirm your email address (for security) and we may include a line on sponsors within.


  • We take security very seriously. This is why we do not store your email or password on our servers -- so if we are hacked, your data cannot be mined! We also avoid SQL so as to protect us and you from SQL injection attacks.
  • We never ask for personal details. If you are asked for real names, birth-dates, addresses, credit information, it is not us and you should check to see if your device has been compromised! Where applicable, you may use your real name as your display name, and even include your state / city -- it is up to you, but never go beyond these things.
  • Where applicable, if you are asked for your email address in online conversation, you may give it in a post, but please be careful. Consider deleting your post after you know it was received.
  • Although we do not store your Email and Password long term, be aware, your email and password is sent to us each time you log in via standard HTTPS encrypted traffic.
  • Where applicable (where we have asked you to register)..
    • In the long term, your email and password are deeply encrypted (by hashing algorithm) when stored on our servers.
    • For a brief second your password is visible in memory, but only the "hash" remains on our server.
    • For a period of a day or not longer than a week, your email address is stored on our server until we have backed it up in a secure vault (off server). After that, we only know your email by checking it against a hash which cannot be reverse engineered to reveal your email (except potentially by a supercomputer in the same way that the NSA can decrypt HTTPS -- in case you didn't know they can and do that!).
    • We only use well established server farms that can demonstrate security but you need to be aware that nothing is bullet proof. For example, if the servers were compromised, or if your device has a virus, then security is breached. For this reason we repeat -- Use of this site, or the information given within, is entirely at your own risk. Do not give us your personal details.
    • Your Display Name is stored on our server and of course is available for all to see when you post. This is why recommend you do not use your real name.

About Yellings.com and M8Y.com, the legally important small print:

All original and/or non-cited material in M8Y.com website is either conjecture, opinion, observation or allegation, and is copyright (c) M8Y.com 2020 except where material is Posted by others, whereupon the copyright and responsibility is owned by the posting party or as shown in their links and attributions. Where material is cited (by linking or attributing), the copyright is owned by the cited origin. By posting, you are publishing under CC3, Creative Commons 3, giving others the right to duplicate your material provided they cite you (by user name and this site name).

For the avoidance of doubt, all material is assumed fictional and not usable as a source. Any citing of an external source is not an endorsement of that source. Use of this site is strictly at your own risk. Any Evidence provided herein only implies observation, not legally qualified evidence.

We hold no information about you on our servers unless you have supplied us with your email address and / or allowed us to use GeoLocation. We do not share or publish addresses. We use cookies to aid user experience and to make ourselves visible in searches. The incorporated entity that owns this site and it's copyrights is the registered owner of the domain name "Yellings.com" and "M8Y.com" respectively, and can be contacted through the contact menu or the required procedure given under domain name registrars.

Where applicable, where you have registered with us, we may use and store your IP address to help us prove your geolocation. Please know that IP addresses cannot be used to pinpoint you (but don't be surprised if the NSA can do that). If we do uses these techniques, be aware we only do this is in lieu of asking you to positively prove your identity as did Parler which we do not recommend due to the security risk to you.

Where applicable, you are welcome to use us through a VPN but please know that we may have to increase our security vetting by asking you more questions by email.

All subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Please contact us!